【Fuchun Mountain Resort SPA】

Fuchun Mountain Resort SPA is a well-recognized Asian top hydrotherapy resort. It integrates the Chinese health-preserving wisdom and with exquisite techniques in Bali. Since its opening up in 2004, it has received awards for many times. In 2007, it was credited by an international authoritative magazine, “SpaAsia” as “one of the 150 world-class SPA” in 2007. Recently, it has been awarded one of the renowned World Luxury Spa Awards, Asia’s Best Gold Resort SPA in 2016

【SPA Therapy Customized According to Fragrance】

Using fragrance therapy correctly can purify the mind and improve the immunity of human bodies. There is a rich variety of essential oil and fragrance, you should find the fragrance that most suits you or that you like, the natural herbal essential oil should also contain no chemical additive. It’s quite precious.

Clients can choose the fragrance of essential oil for aromatherapy massage according to their favor, the aromatherapists fromBali will also choose suitable essential oil for clients according to their health condition, emotions and the climate, among other elements, and customize special SPA therapies. This can not only help people relieve pressure, cheer them up, but also help them to regain energy, adjust their emotions and sort out their ambitions.

【Reservations Line】

Service Time:10:00am-22:00pm

In China:0571 6341 9500

Out Of China:+86 571 6341 9500

Reservee-mail: reservation@fuchunresort.com

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