Fuchun Resort is located at the section where Huang Gongwang lived in seclusion in his old age, if Huang Gongwang lived today, he would be the most refined scholar with newest lifestyle, in order to praise him and interpret the style of travelers again…

The sight of Fuchun River, the upper reaches of Qiantang River depicted in “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”, is the present Fuyang, an hour’s car drive from Hangzhou. Ridges and peaks rise one after another. It is dotted with villages, pavilions, fishermen’s ships and small bridges. Everything in the world seems so harmonious and solemn. Fuchun Resort is extremely simple and exquisite, verdant and emerald groves lean on Fuchun Mountain, and there is clear water and fresh air beside Fuchun River. Every traveler coming here is indulged in ecstasies. The comfortable leisure that transcends the time can be found everywhere.