CHI is surrounded by lake on three sides, outside the window there is the leisurely Tea Mountain, you can take in the beautiful lake and bright landscape at one glance. You can also taste the seasonal fresh food selected strictly by the chef team and the Asian dishes cooked elaborately; there are dishes with Hangzhou, Taiwan, Thailand and local Fuyang styles. There is little salt and no monosodium glutamate in the dishes, the food that is cooked has fresh juice and tastes delicious, which becomes its healthy food concept. Oriental red lanterns are dotted in the high architecture and ancient retainers with carved flowers of the entire hall, which is decorated with the changes of the four seasons and floriculture, presenting to you feasts rich in color, aroma and taste.

CHI is inspired by the Tea House in China, which is dotted with lanterns, screens and beds. In the center of the canteen there are amazing works designed by outstanding floriculture artists according to seasons. If you want to kill the time by reading a book, you can go to “Book Taste Attic” on the second floor of the canteen, taste exquisite tea and snacks and enjoy easy reading time. There are four compartments for distinguished guests in the canteen, private banquets can also be held here.

○ Positon:Second floor Seats:124,4 vip romms contained

○ Serve Content:Asian style Chinese cuisine, and provide Chinese and western wine

○ chef_recommend:Hangzhou smoked fish, moon shrimp cake, fuchun purple rice lotus root, fuchun dongpo pork, longjing shrimp

○ Serve Time:Lunch:11:00-14:00   Supper:17:00-21:00

○ Reservations Line:(86) 571 6341 9500

Reservations Line:Out Of China: +86 571 6341 9500

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