Cafeteria of the ClubHALL RESTAURANT

【Cafeteria of the Club】

The restaurant provides healthy natural and convenient meals for golfers.At the elegant and cozy restaurant, you can overlook the spectacular view of the 18th hole in the golf course.

【Outdoor Dining】

The hotel is surrounded by hills and lake, the outdoor dining environment richly endowed by nature is more alluring. Metasequoia forest, Roman Square and the great lawn with 18 holes will make your family dinner, team building activities and outdoors wedding banquets extraordinary experience not to be missed.

○ POSITION:The golf hall Seats:85

○ Serve Content:Sunshine breakfast in Chinese and Western styles, golf quick lunch、

   Special Meals in Chinese and Western styles, European select dinner and wine services

○ chef_recommend:Golf fast set food, Fuchun hamburger, Beef Noodle in Taiwan style

○ Serve Time:Start at half an hour after sunrise to 10 oclock in the evening

○ POSITION:Cedar forest, Rome square, golf 18 hole.

   Seats:According to different specifications

○Serve Time:According to customer needs

○ chef_recommend: BBQ, Chinese and western buffet

○ Specifications:40 people at least

○ 0571-6341 9155