Hangzhou has four distinctive seasons, in different seasons, with different climates, and at different times, Hangzhou has different kinds of beauty. In late March, there is fine spring rain, the average temperature is 14℃-20℃, the thin fog lightly envelopes the landscape. Pavilions, terraces and open halls are faintly hidden in between, there is a beautiful landscape of spring returning to the good earth, making it a season most fit for traveling and spring outings.

Summer comes in mid-June, generally speaking, it is hottest in July, the maximum temperature can reach 39℃. In early summer, it is the plum rain season with concentrated rainfall, after the plum rain season, there is an obvious reduction of rainfall, and the weather becomes much hotter.

In late September, the autumn climate is invigorating, the season is most fit for traveling, the average temperature is between 17℃ and 24℃.There are a rich variety of seasonal activities such as admiring the full moon in Mid-autumn Festival, watching the tide of Qiantang River, and seeking sweet osmanthus in Manlong Valley.

In late November, winter comes, January is the coldest month, the average temperature is between 3.3℃ and 3.6 ℃, the minimal temperature can be as low as -5℃. From every December to next February, there are snowy and rainy days for 9 to 10 days every month on average, occasionally, there will be amazing snowy days.