Lake BistroLake Bistro

【Lake Bistro Lake Bistro】

Leaning between lakes and hills, sitting at the balcony while slowly enjoying the dusk, the Lake Lounge provides Chinese and Western select fresh breakfast, and fresh vegetables and drinks all day long as well as Chinese and Western delicious light meal, meeting the earnest of your tasting bud at any time.

○ Positon:Third floor
○ Seats:72
○ Serve Content:Service content: Chinese and Western select breakfast prepared as ordered
Oriental and Western special dishes and desserts
Cocktail, Chinese and Western wine
Cigar service
○ chef_recommend:Spicy chicken wings, Vietnam spring rolls, Fuchun fried rice, Beef Noodles in Taiwwan style
○ Serve Time: 07:00-23:00

○ Reservations Line:In China: 0571 6341 9500

○ Reservations Line:Out Of China: +86 571 6341 9500

○ Reservee-mail: