Members VillaMEMBER ROOM

【Find seclusion and hold greenness】

The members’ residence is situated at the foot of hills and beside streams. You take a panoramic view of the court, and look at the forest in the distance and the banks of Fujiang River. The independent privacy without interruption makes the distinguished guests will feel as if they were on a land of idyllic beauty in the south. Members’ residence is flat and wide courtyard, its appearance integrates Chinese southern architecture and foreign architecture designs, natural construction materials such as wooden beams, stones, and bronze are used indoors, blending the essence of architecture in Han and Tang Dynasties, showing simple, elegant and pluralistic cultural style, there are also professional property management and security systems. The members’ residence is provided for the members of Fuchun and distinguished guests.

【Reservations Line】

In China:0571 6341 9500

Out Of China:+86 571 6341 9500