【Peerless landscape constantly attracts friends】

'Among all the hills and rivers in the world throughout history, Fuchun is the best.' This is a conclusion that long has been reached and verified repeatedly for the ancient Fuchun and Fuyang at present.

In Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a legend that Yan Ziling refused the offer to become an official and became a hermit on the lakeside of Fuchun River. This is recognized as a flag attracting hermits by the beautiful landscape of Fuchun, launching the seclusion tradition for nearly 2000 years here. Posterities such as Bai Juyi, Li Bai, Su Shi, Lu You, XieLingyun, Wu Jun, and Ji Xiaolan passed by here or became hermits here, they loved to praise the exemplary conduct and nobility of character of Ziling as well as Fuchun Mountain and Fuchun River that are endowed with the fine spirits of the universe, they also left many masterpieces with splash-ink.

The beauty of the hills and rivers of Fuchun has not only been praised in words and sentences. In Yuan Dynasty, Huang Gongwang, a painter, climbed to the peak of ancient Chinese landscape painting with the amazing landscape in “Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains”, and vividly presents it to the people in the world.

Hills and Rivers have spirit that nourish the mind and body. Huang Gongwang, who used to travel around the world, was finally touched by the hills and rivers in Fuchun, and found seclusion in Miaoshan Dock beside the lake, preserving his healthy with beauty. In a time when the average life expectancy was only over 30 years, as legend goes, Huang Gongwang died at the old age of 85. Huang Gongwang is not alone. Up till today, longevity genes have evolved in this area. In 2016, there were 34 old men aged 100 years old or above in Fuyang district. The oldest man aged 108 lives in Chicken Cage Village beside Fuchun Resort.

Fuchun Resort where 'Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains' was painted, it follows the inspiration of the painting, and restores the superior hills and rivers, ecology and nature in the past, and interprets the Southern architecture style in China with modern architecture art, containing seclusion, health and health-preserving elements, building resort with modern Chinese style, the only 18-hole standard golf court with the theme of tea garden in Asia, and Fuchun Resort SPA Hydrotherapy integrating Asian Bali SPA and traditional Chinese medical health-preserving concept. It has become the most characteristic top-level health-preserving resort in China.

As Confucius put it, 'The wise delight in water, the virtuous delight in mountains; the wise are active, the virtuous are tranquil; the wise are joyful, the virtuous are longevous.'

Mountain, water, activity, inertia, longevity and happiness are all to be found in Fuchun Resort. Therefore here are a lot of wise men and virtuous men, in other words, people engaged in the same pursuit.